Ups and downs

This morning we received the message from the mother of Salwa that after her little daughter was doing so good yesterday, she became unwell during the night. It was discovered that Salwa’s little lung had collapsed, therefore she had a bronchoscopy today.

After this, Salwa and her lovely mother were taken back to the ICU. In the bronchoscopy, doctors saw there is fluid in the left side of the lung, so they removed it and said tomorrow they want to do another bronchoscopy, this one for cleansing. This is what one of the friendly nurses told me when I went to visit Salwa and her mother.

The whole staff here agrees with the fact that Salwa’s mother is a strong woman, which I could witness again today during my visit. At first she cried a little bit, but after a while and after I gave her a hug, she felt comforted and told me that everything is in God’s hands and I agreed with her.

Tomorrow they are doing another bronchoscopy for little Salwa, to wash her lung. Please continue to pray that after this up and down thus far, that this will be another up to stay, if it is in God’s will.