Urgent admission

This morning I picked up Ahmed and his mother from the Gaza border for his admission in Sheba Hospital for his cath tomorrow. He directly had an Echo where his doctor also recognised his blue hands. Ahmed’s oxygen was checked directly and it was a dangerous 50%. His normal oxygen was always at around 80%. The doctors gave him oxygen support and from then on everything went pretty fast. He was directly admitted to the Secondary Pediatric ICU after he had an ECG. Gladly his oxygen went up again after a few minutes. Apart from all the test and the examinations done by doctors, Ahmed was pretty happy and enjoyed checking out the hospital.

Later still,  Ahmed had a blood test which he didn’t like at all. His mother was really worried since his oxygen had suddenly dropped in the echo room. It was a very hard day for her and her son not only because he was crying all the time when doctors tried to examine him, but also because she was so worried about him. Tomorrow he will have a diagnostic catheterisation as a preparation for his upcoming surgery. Please pray for everything to go well for Ahmed and remember his mother.