Urgent arrival

This morning, I went to visit Tahsin who was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance last night from Gaza.  The doctor mentioned that they were going to have a consultation later today with a cardiologist to see what kind of operation or treatment he needs.  They informed me that his situation hasn’t changed from last night.  I wanted to ask his parent/guardian some questions, but they were not present so I ended up leaving after watching over him for awhile. 

Afternoon, coworker Junko and I tried visiting him again.  This time, his grandmother was there.  Through Google Translate, we were able to ask some questions to her.  

Tahsin is only 9 days old!  He is also her only grandchild.  When we asked his grandmother if she had other grandchildren, she shook her head trying to hold back all the tears.  She ended up bursting out crying, and all we could do was mourn along with her.  We hugged her and prayed to God.  She kept lifting her arms towards the ceiling, calling out to God.  It broke our heart to see her going through this.  When we told her that we would come back to visit her again, she smiled.  It seemed a little forced, but I can tell that she found some comfort with us visiting her. 

Coworker Junko and I went up to the doctor again to see if they had any new information.  They did!  They said that a vessel in his heart is narrowing, and that they don’t know how severe it is.  They are giving him a surgery tomorrow.  

Please pray that this surgery would go very well and smoothly.  Please also pray for his grandmother who must be really nervous and scared about it.