Urgent arrival; same day surgery

Written by Ben:

Today our Jerusalem community traveled together to Ben Gurion Airport to collect urgent arrival Yaman and his mother who traveled to us all the way from Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

We had some challenges in finding them at the airport, but we managed to get everything done that was needed. Baby Yaman was very blue at first sight and our coworker Berith texted our friends to please pray for him.

We drove them directly to Hadassah Hospital where the cardiologist was waiting.

Being in the hospital was a reassuring element since his oxygen levels were low and we did not give him oxygen in the car.

Everyone in the hospital was so helpful.

Written by Berith:

A sweet little toddler boy, almost two years old, came from Kurdistan to Hadassah Hospital today. His lips was dark blue, all his skin was bluish, and I recognized from a previous child coming here, how his fingernails were clubbed due to his sick heart. Dr Julius did an Echo immediately when we arrived to hospital, and none of us was prepared for his words: “He has to have a surgery today, please bring him to the ER for preparations.”

With this news, Yaman’s mother was in tears. Emotionally, this is the heaviest experience I’ve had together with a relative during all my times in Shevet, but also one of the most beautiful. God is so good, and I praise Him for His concern for this mother. He has made me able to bring her the comfort she needs, and she is able to receive it. I’ve never met anyone so devastated as she is.

The surgery began at about 6 pm, supported I’m sure by so many of you praying.

After that, everything fell into place very quickly. Yaman’s mother was in deep stress as you can see, and I’m so glad I could hold her in those hard moments. It was a huge relief for her when she realized everything had turned out good, and it took a while for her to grasp what she heard from the surgeon when he emerged: “he is not blue any longer, he is pink.”

All the glory to God!