Urgent surgery tomorrow

Today, coworker Momo and I visited cute Lara and her lovely mother at Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric ICU. I first met them today. It is so nice that her mother can speak English. So we spent a long time with them and talked a lot. It makes such a difference, if you can communicate with each other.

The doctors in the hospital are also very happy about that, because she can now translate to the other Kurdish mothers in the hospital. Lara’s mother told us that Lara is already a little bit bored to just sit in her bed in the room. However, it is really good that Lara is in the hospital and can be observed there, because her oxygen level is dropping pretty often to very low percentages’ For example, in the morning, it tanked to just 23 %.

Despite this, we found Lara pretty active in her room, without intubation and playing. Lara loves to be artistic, writing or painting.

The doctor told us that Lara will already have her urgent surgery tomorrow. Her mother knows exactly what’s going on and told me, herself thankful that the doctors told her that it should be a very successful surgery.

Lara’s mother already sees and knows how the doctors fight for these children as if they were their own. She is also very thankful for the opportunity to come to Israel because she said that in Kurdistan, nobody could help her daughter. She wants a good life for her daughter with every opportunity available to her, in her future.

So let’s pray for this wonderful person and for blessings over the surgery tomorrow.