Usual exams and lots of happiness

Today was a very long day for little Mohaned. He had a pulmonary and endocrinology appointment, because his breathing isn’t sounding that good.

We had to see some doctors and with that, an abundance of waiting time. But I was very impressed with the patient behavior of Mohaned’s mother and how joyful Mohaned can be. In every little thing, he saw something that made him happy. He was smiling at everyone who just happened to pass by. It was great to see how he spreads happiness throughout his surroundings.

After a few hours and with the help of coworker Doro, everything was done. Mohaned will have an ENT in six months, but he has to come back earlier for some check-ups.  God, I thank you so much for this joyful little boy. Please keep Mohaned safe with you.