Varin’s Echo

This morning we went with three other families to the hospital. All of the kids had an echo appointment. Although Varin was scheduled as the last one, she got her echo the first. Varin was doing fine and Mom was playing with her. We had to wait for the doctor to know the result. The echo was good. Last week there was pulmonary hypertension but not today. The plan was to do a catheterisation tomorrow and than the doctor will decide what the next step will be. But because of lack of beds and a busy schedule for tomorrow there was no place for her cath. So after some waiting we went back to Jaffa. Mom was first disappointed but after hearing that there were many urgent kids and that Varin had such a good echo she was okay. We hope and pray there will be place for Varin’s catheterisation next week.

The Mom’s had a good time together, sharing one another’s echo results.¬†We are thankful for the good progress Varin has made so far.