Ventilator Khan

Lovely Asmeen and her mother have been staying in Sheba Hospital for a long time now, about eight months actually since they arrived in January. The other families with whom they came to Israel, have long since left. We have all really loved having Asmeen and her mother here with us. We have had confidence that the hospital staff took their best care for them. Both Asmeen and her mother are a beautiful blessing to us; here they are pictured together with Georgia from our visit today.

At the moment, one good thing is happening after the other. As yesterday our co-workers Colin and Nate arrived in order to be the medical escort for Asmeen and her mother. Today we received another good word that the ventilator machine or as we said today, “Vent Khan” in Kurdish which means “Dear ventilator,” arrived at the hospital and was a necessary piece to Asmeen’s traveling home.

The hospital staff couldn’t understand our excitement about this, but really they were very nice and let us see the machine. It was a very funny and nice moment. We are thankful to God that he is taking the steps for Asmeen now to make an end to her waiting time. But there still is a way to go and many things need to be arranged.

So your prayers are still much appreciated.