Very good news

Today our little Anas came from Gaza for his Nephrology appointment in Sheba Hospital. When we arrived there, checked him in and finally found the room, we could immediately start with the appointment. Since Anas had seven kidney stones last year, we wanted to make sure whether everything is okay now. After talking to Ahmed’s mother about how he is doing now and after a short examination, the doctor said everything is okay and Ahmed doesn’t have kidney stones anymore. Anas doesn’t even need a nephrology follow-up appointment. The mother and I were so happy about this good news and also Anas seemed to understand that something wonderful just happened, since he smiled all the time.

When the appointment was done, we went to the other Gaza families who were in the hospital today. There, Anas was spending time with the other mothers, sitting on their laps and watching the other children playing. As soon as all of them were done with their appointments too, we were taking them back to Gaza. We will see Anas again in the end of February for an MRI before his big heart surgery in March.

Let’s thank the Lord for the good news Anas got today! Please pray for the treatment he is getting soon. It is a big surgery that is coming at him, so please ask the Lord for his protection!