Very small steps

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.
Psalms 40:1 NLT

With co-worker Colin, I again had the privilege of taking Mustsfa’s mum to visit her son at Sheba Medical Center. When we came into the Intensive Care Unit, a real blessing awaited us in that we were able to get an almost immediate report on Mustafa from the Doctor in charge; the top Doctor in the intensive care unit.

Mustafa was moved from the children’s unit to the adult unit where he is now to receive the best possible care. This news really pleased Mustafa’s mum. The Doctor said he is a little better from yesterday. He has no fever today, and the antibiotics he is on will take a few days to clear up the ventilator-induced pneumonia. He will have a chest xray tomorrow to see if his sedation can be reduced. These promising signs are such an encouragement to Mustafa’s mother. We had an especially good chat with the nurse looking after him. She told us that she is a Christian and wanted to know about Shevet Achim. Praise the Lord. She took real time with Mustafa’s mother to answer her many questions and was really interested in her family back home. It was a beautiful time as Mustafa’s mum was showing the nurse pictures of her children, and it was lovely to see her laughing and freely chatting with the nurse.

Later, Mustafa’s mum and I went for a drink and walked around the hospital. There were old photos of how the hospital used to be and she found them very interesting. I was really thankful that her mind, even for just a short time, could focus on something else. When we returned to Mustafa’s unit Colin joined us. We had a chat with different nurses from the morning, who, again, were really kind and caring and interested in where we came from.

So it has been another very big day in Mustafa’s life. May I please again ask for sweet incense going up to our Heavenly Father for precious Mustafa and continual strength for his mother. Every bone in her body is crying out in tiredness but with G-d’s help and all the wonderful prayer support, she is staying strong. Thanking you.