Visit to Wolfson

Today I headed over to Wolfson to visit our children who are admitted there from Gaza. I had the privilege of meeting three children with their mothers. What a blessed time it was talking with them, sharing tea, and sitting for some time. They are absolutely lovely and have created such a strong bond between the three mothers there, it was beautiful to see!

Mohammed D. had his second inguinal hernia repaired today. His heart surgery went well and his first hernia was repaired and today the second hernia repair was also successful.

The nutritionist also came around to educate Mohammed’s mom to help him gain weight. He is such a tiny little guy, it’s good to see the nutritionist there to help get him grow big and strong! Mohammed’s mother was extremely strong and did great during the surgery. Please pray for a full recovery and Mohammed to soon be gaining weight.

Mohammed L. was having a central line placed today. He has an infection which needs antibiotics and his peripheral veins are very tiny. The little guy has had IVs in his scalp, hands, and feet and they always end up having problems. So, he went down to have the more reliable and longer-lasting central line placed into his neck.

He was crying due to hunger from fasting for the procedure, but around 12.30 headed out of the secondary ICU for placement of the line. His mom did a great job comforting him, but once he was wheeled away she was tearful and the weariness was obvious in her face. Please pray for her energy and also baby Mohammed’s recovery.

Haleema is now in the children’s ward after her second surgery. She is walking around now, which the doctors were very happy to see. She is also eating better. You can see in her face she has lost a lot of weight and she will need to regain it to help with her complete healing.

The nutritionist also did some education with her mom. Haleema quietly sat during our visit and drank tea while eating various candies and biscuits. She did eventually help to teach me, alongside her mom, some of the Arabic words for different colors of the rainbow.

Haleema’s mom is now patiently waiting for word that Haleema is well enough to return home to Gaza, but she knows it is a process that takes time and was encouraged to know we are all praying.