Visiting the ER

Last night was pretty hard for our little baby Iman (the family’s preferred name for Roster). Her breathing was very fast, heard even without the stethoscope. Iman‘s mum was very worried so we decided to take Iman in the ER this morning.

I was a little bit nervous about going to the ER because it usually takes a long time and the language is sometimes a big problem. But not this time. Praise be to our caring God, He provided an Arabic-speaking doctor! From that moment on, I just knew again that God is taking care of every situation.

After we took an Echo and an X-Ray, we waited a bit for the results. In that time, Iman’s mum showed me some pictures of her husband and children, which were very nice to see. Iman was crying and probably in pain, but Magaritha kept her distracted from time to time.

Eventually, the doctor told us that Iman has a Virus which causes coughing and pain, but they can treat it with medicine which they gave her right away. Iman‘s mum was very relieved. Suddenly she was very happy and wanted to see one of the other mums who needed to stay in the hospital. While she was visiting,  I was able to spend some quality time with Iman. After singing for her and walking around with her in my arms, she fell asleep. She looked so beautiful and peaceful! Her mum told me later that Iman didn’t fall asleep easily and was glad that she could finally rest.

After such an exhausting night and day, Mum and Iman were able to go back to the Shevet base again. On Sunday, Iman will see doctor Katz and they will discuss Iman’s treatment. Please pray that her virus will be gone by then. Also pray for wisdom for the doctors as the decide on how to go on with Iman. Thank you!