Today I visited little Liya at Sheba Hospital’s Pediatric ICU for the first time. Her grandma is really kind and was happy that someone came to spend time with her. The doctor told us that they plan to extubate Liya today. They want to wait first until she is waking up but she is taking her time.

The band doctors placed around one of her arteries in the surgery yesterday, is for now to pretend that too much blood is coming to the lungs. Her heart is very complicated so she will need further surgeries in her life if she survives until then. The doctor was very honest to us and told us that Liya’s condition is very serious.

Her grandma was hopeful however today, and that’s what we are too. God loves this child and so we will never give up hope. Thank you for praying for little Liya. May God protect and bless her!