Waiting and Enjoying

Rizhna has been hanging out like you wouldn’t believe. When we first met this little girl three weeks ago, she was constantly fretting and crying and anxious, and even the happiest of times would barely distract her. But now she is more comfortable; she laughs and she plays and she, in her own way, communicates, mostly with expressive grunts but occasionally with words. She’s become popular with the women on staff, who eagerly greet and hold her, and she runs to be held. We’ve come to see that this little girl has a big personality of her own. Her mother is less lonely now, too, since we have another Kurdish family with us! Just today they treated us to a delicious lunch–what a gift!

Rizhna spends her days playing, watching TV, and eating chocolate, one of the few things she has a consistent appetite for. Sometimes we go to the park or to the beach or to the grocery market. There’s not much else to do in the meantime, besides wait–her first appointment is still a long ways out. But while we wait we will take joy in getting to know and love this little girl better!