Waiting and Waiting

When I visited Nila today, she still had a fever, had a nasal cannula for oxygen and her oxygen was monitored. So my first impression was that she was pretty much the same as the last days. But then I spent a really nice and long time with them and I realized that she is so active. In contrast to her cries and restlessness of the last visit, she was awake, moved a lot and also was looking around.

Unfortunately, as well as her fever, the fluid around her heart increased. They still do not know the exact reason for either of these things. Looking at her physical well-being she really seemed to be better, but she is still struggling with fever and liquid around her heart.

Also her mother was so sweet, proudly showing me pictures of her other daughter and her husband, caring for Nila, asking about the other kids and and being happy about good news for them. But she’s also challenged to simply wait this long time, without any surgery.

So please pray for this beautiful child and her caring and lovely mother. This fever-story is not what they were hoping for when they arrived in Israel and it is really difficult for her mother to wait for her surgery such a long time. May God provide peace and patience every day for them.