Waiting and Watching

My heart sank as I arrived in the ICU this morning to see so many doctors and nurses rushing around Reem’s room. I saw Reem’s mother leaning against the wall at the other side of the ICU and she looked so scared.

I know that she said to me before that on the day of Reem’s catheterization she had been grateful to have had few distractions from people so that she could pray and so after we greeted one another we stood beside one another both in a time of prayer.

I soon found out that Reem had crashed this morning and had required resuscitation. Her lungs were really struggling and the doctors couldn’t really pinpoint why this is happening. In the afternoon the medical team met to discuss her case but as of now there is no planned intervention instead the team feel it is best to wait and watch how she responds to her current medications.

Later in the day I was able to visit Reem. She looked so beautiful and delicate. I prayed Psalm 23 over her. This little baby is fighting hard for her life. I know that Jesus loves her so much and we place the battle and Reems destiny into His safe hands.