Waiting for a catheterization

Mohammed is still awaiting his catheterization. It was tentatively today, but was moved further to Thursday. Tomorrow he will finish being in quarantine, which will make it a little bit easier to schedule him.

The day at Sheba hospital with Mohammed and his mother was really nice. We spoke to some of their relatives who live abroad.

We also talked more about Mohammed’s and his mother’s life in Kurdistan. Mohammed is a very talented singer! I also thought much of the story of how Mohammed and his mother met Jonathan, which then led to their ability to come to Israel for treatment which wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. They said they met on an airplane. I thought of a phrase I’ve heard in Kurdish which means “How beautiful is the work of God,” that these three people happened to be connected by the same flight.

Please continue to pray for Mohammed. We hope the cath will be able to provide more information as to his operability.