Waiting for a pediatrician today

In the morning, co-worker Alena and I drove to the Erez Border Crossing checkpoint to pick up little Saif.

Saif’s mom said he had pneumonia a few days ago and was discharged two days ago from the hospital in Gaza, still on antibiotics.

He came today to Sheba Children’s Hospital for a cannula test and replacement from size 3.5 to 4. However, Saif’s mom’s arrival was delayed and the pediatrician left. We tried to get another doctor, and asked a non-pediatrics doctor if she would help with the cannula replacement, but she said she should not perform this procedure on a child.

Saif is staying at the Jaffa community house tonight therefore and will return to the hospital tomorrow for unfinished work, and an echo. On Sunday, we hope he will have a tracheostomy appointment and a Bronchoscopy. The cannula replacement must also be rescheduled.

Our hope is that Saif will be healthy and that the care he needs will be found at Sheba hospital.