Waiting for Answers

Now that Noora seems to be doing so well with her recovery from her heart operation, the next thing on her family’s mind is her hip. They are hopeful that Noora would be able to have surgery while she is here to correct her dislocated hip. Noora’s grandma waited so patiently all the morning for the appointment with the doctor. We also had some time to video chat with Noora’s dad. It is so nice to have a little insight into this family.
The appointment itself was not too conclusive at this stage, and we need to come back again to speak with the head of the department on Thursday. The proposed surgery would be more risky of having complications than usual because the surgery is typically done for children at around 1 year. Noora is now 4 years old, and hasn’t been able to access any surgery before now to help her.
Please pray that the appointment on Thursday will give greater clarity about the plan for Noora.