Waiting for answers

After being admitted to Sheba hospital early Saturday morning, Mizgeen is still being monitored closely for arrhythmias and any more episodes of tachycardia. The doctors in the pediatric ward are still not sure why these episodes have occurred, so they will soon consult with his cardiologist and determine a plan of treatment.

In the meantime, Mizgeen had an appointment today with the anesthesiologist in preparation for a dental procedure later in the week. He’s been looking forward to this appointment for some time, and was thrilled when a hospital van came to pick him up and take him to the dental clinic. “Wow, so cool!” he kept exclaiming all the way to the clinic.

When it was time to go back to the children’s hospital, the driver let him sit up front and even showed him how to turn on the siren. Back in his room, Mizgeen was excited to find a bag of treats waiting for him on his bed. “The hospital is so nice,” he kept telling me in Kurdish.

Please pray that the doctors will find the cause of the tachycardia and can proceed with the dental procedure and heart surgery as planned.