Waiting for Ayham

Today was a day of waiting.

Ayham’s surgery this morning at Hadassah Ein Kerem took almost five hours instead of the expected three to four hours. After surgery it took another two hours before he was stable enough for his mother to see him. We waited almost another hour to speak with the doctor for an update on Ayham’s condition.

The doctors said the surgery went fine. There will be multiple echocardiograms in the next week to verify that Ayham’s heart is adapting.  They are hoping to do the arterial switch surgery in 8-10 days.

Ayham’s Mother was shocked when we were finally allowed in the room. She was not expecting to see her son with so many tubes and machines. The nurse told us that Ayham’s blood pressure was dangerously low and that he had an arrhythmia. Thankfully he was stabilized with blood pressure medication and a temporary pacemaker.

What a day! I am thankful that God cares so much about these children and their families! Please pray for continued healing for Ayham and that his family  knows of  God’s great love for them.