Waiting for his next echo

I don’t know how many times I have seen the children in Shevet Achim’s care bringing joy to their environment, and our little sunray Azhan is sure one of those children. Even though he is only six years old, he seemed proud today when his mother showed us his scar after his heart operation. You can tell he is a brave little guy, because all his being bare witness about it. Every time I look at him, he puts a smile on my face. This little boy’s eyes are wide open for everything that is going on around him, and he seems to always be content. When I hear him singing, that is a sure sign he is happy. It doesn’t matter that he is as little as he is, you recognize him when he enters the room.

In one week, he will go to Hadassah Hospital for an echo to see his heart condition, and hopefully he and his mother will be able to go home after that. Please pray for this precious little boy and his mother. They miss their family.