Waiting for recovery

After a speedy admission to Sheba Medical, we were surprised and disappointed by the need to wait for Hur’s operation. With her state being near critical, we assumed that she would be operated on within the coming days, but when doctors discovered a bacterial infection that Hur was battling, that made us all have to step back and take a breath.

Since her admission ten days ago, we have been waiting for news and results, watching Hur beat her infection bit by bit, and today doctors gave us the good news that she might have beat her sickness. The doctors are very cautious with this news, but have cleared her for an operation in the coming weeks, and her rate of recovery will determine how fast that happens. Her aunt is very relieved by this news and although she keeps her composure, we can see the relief and joy in her eyes.

As of now, we wait for doctors to meet and decide on their plan of treatment for Hur, and hope that she will gain strength quickly so that she can follow the doctor’s plans as soon as possible. We know God gives strength to the weak, and two-week-old babies with a bad heart and an infection are about as weak as you can get, so we pray that God will give her strength to fight each battle.