Waiting for surgery

Ahmed’s grandmother shared today how her own son—Ahmed’s father—received congenital heart defect corrective surgery at Hadassah when he was 12 years old, and how her grandson’s condition reminded her of this. When I asked about her feelings regarding his surgery, she shared how she personally endured seven surgeries. She also raised seven children, and is now bravely caring for Ahmed in Israel.  When I asked if she missed her family, tears started to run down her face. Though she has endured so much throughout her life, it must still be so difficult for her to see her grandson in this condition.

Ahmed’s cardiac CT scan revealed that his aorta is not completely developed, often called interrupted aortic arch. The cardiologist said that his heart is very complicated, but his respiratory condition is now stable. They are hoping to perform a corrective surgery next week.

As Ahmed and his grandmother wait for the surgery, please pray for them to find hope, comfort, and strength in Messiah. As I shared how we pray for both Ahmed and his cousin Joud every day, Ahmed’s grandmother was deeply moved. Let us continually pray for the two newborns who are both at the same hospital.