Waiting for Surgery to Be Scheduled

Saida had a positive echo today but it was still difficult for his mother as there is no surgery scheduled as yet. Saida is now a happy baby and is putting on weight beautifully to the point where the doctors feel confident enough to put him on the surgical list. While this is just one small step in getting a date for surgery it is an important step and we hope to have good news in the near future. Saida has changed in the time he has been in Israel from a frail, scrawny, fractious baby to a laughing, smiling delight. It has been a long slow process with continuous feeds being given to Saida via a nasogastric tube which is now slowly being transitioned to bottle feeds but it has taken a toll on Saida’s mother during the long days and nights.

Please pray that Saida continues to put on weight and remains happy and healthy while staying in the hospital. If he continues to do so well it may be possible for them to return home to Jaffa prior to his surgery rather than staying the entire time in the hospital. Please also pray that Saida’s mother is encouraged by the news as in her disappointment and sadness she has been talking of returning to Kurdistan if there is no surgery in the near future.