Waiting for the second surgery



Today we received the good news that Israa would be admitted to the hospital today for her second heart surgery tomorrow. Coworker Lisa was able to drive Israa to the hospital to be admitted.

As this is Israa’s second admission for surgery, Jihad confidently walked down the halls of the cardiology department,

and recited the admission process and pertinent information to me. He was curious about the procedure planned for Israa and about Israa’s complicated heart. Together, with the aid of pictures of anatomical and congenital heart defects, I tried to simply explain the complexity of her precious heart. Israa’s father deeply cares for her. He also has been caring for some of the other new families here, and possesses a heart of hospitality.

This admission process was marked by hours of waiting. When they sent us to the unit, we then waited again for another couple hours for a bed for Israa. But during this time, it was filled with many little adventures and experiences. We called our dear Lawi’s family (he was previously at Shevet) in Kurdistan, called Israa’s family and met her sweet 4-year old sister, spent time taking photos of and with Israa, and even attended a party at the hospital where we celebrated with ice cream.

At last, at around 8 pm, Israa was finally admitted and prepared for surgery tomorrow. I love Israa with my whole heart, and I think we all do.

She has captivated the hearts of all the nurses at the hospital as well. Please pray for Jihad and Israa as they anticipate the surgery tomorrow in the morning. Jihad reiterated the need to stop Israa’s food at 2 in the morning, and to shower at 6 in the morning. He has been preparing for a sleepless night, so I pray that he will be able to rest and find rest in our God of peace.