Waiting just a little longer…

Alena and I were excited to see Omar’s grandma again at the hospital, as we both really enjoyed our time with her at the end of last week. We found her and Omar in the secondary ICU which indicates that he is really improving, and the only tubes or cables attached to him were those monitoring his oxygen levels and taking his blood pressure. It was lovely to see.

She was looking particularly nice today in her Burberry hijab, and joked with us again saying “merci”, before confirming that she is actually Palestinian, not French.
As soon as she found out Ahmed was going home, she tried to convince us to take her and Omar back to Gaza as well! The nurse was happy to tell us that Omar is doing very well, but he’s not ready to leave the hospital yet. Perhaps tomorrow, or the day after. So, in a very good nature, the grandma is happy to wait.

Thank God for this lovely family, and we will pray that he continues to heal well.