Waiting patiently

This morning, Yad, his mother, and I made the trip to Sheba hospital for another check-up with his cardiologist.

At his last echo, Yad’s doctor found that his pulmonary arteries are very narrow and it is difficult for blood to flow to the lungs. Today’s echo showed that this situation is not improving. The doctor explained that it’s better that Yad has treatment for this here in Israel before going home to Kurdistan. Yad will have a CT scan soon and the doctors will use the results of the scan to decide on further treatment for him–possibly another catheterization or surgery.

Yad is not a fan of ECGs, echoes, or medical staff, but he loved the train in the waiting area and was reluctant to leave the driver’s seat. In between exams, he practiced learning to walk with the help of his mom.

Please pray that Yad will be able to have a successful next treatment soon.