Waiting patiently and making friends

When I visited Mizgeen at Sheba hospital this morning, I found him playing with clay with a hospital staff member. “This is my friend, she came to play a game with me,” he announced to me in Kurdish. It seems that as usual, Mizgeen is making friends with everyone he meets.

I spoke with Mizgeen’s doctor this morning, and he said Mizgeen is doing very well. His tests all look pretty good, and he can be discharged as soon as his INR is in a good range. Mizgeen will have an echo soon to see how his heart is doing after surgery.

Mizgeen is excited to go to our guesthouse in Jerusalem because, as he tells me every day, he misses Ahmed and he can’t wait for the party we’ll have for him before he goes home.

In the meantime, he’s enjoying time with his roommate Mustafa in the hospital, and charming everyone with his adorable grin.