Waiting with Rovar

Rovar is having more tests and seeing the doctor today who is planning a strategy for Rovar’s upcoming brain surgery which should be in about two weeks. We had to go to the Lab for more blood tests. The technician who took the blood sample was so impressed with the bravery of Rovar.  This little trooper was made very happy by the technician when she gave him a metal sticker.

We had to wait for almost two hours to see the hematologist for Rovar’s blood test results to be read.  Rovar enjoyed his waiting time however by driving the train in the playground area. I happily took care of him while his mother visited some of the other Shevet mothers at the hospital.


When we finally met with the Hematologist we were told that the doctor will need another 4 blood test results from the other appointed professors in order to decide when to perform the surgery.

Lets keep both mother and son in our prayers for an anxiety-free waiting process.