Waking up

Excerpt by Mark

Last year Rahaf, at three months, traveled with her father to Israel. Her father recalled his memories of her previous hospital room and the experiences associated with it. above photo is from 2018, after Rahaf was extubated after a catheterization.

Now, one year later, Rahaf is in the same cardiovascular intensive care unit. Today marks six days from her surgery. After multiple intubation and extubation attempts, she is still intubated.

Her upper airway edema has thankfully decreased, enough for another extubation attempt. The doctors were hopeful in extubating her today, but are waiting for her to “wake” from her sedative medications.

Mark writes, “You can see that she is a fighter. By her side every hour of the day is her father. He seems hopeful even though it is a difficult time. He is an amazing man and you can just see the love he has for his daughter.

During the day the doctors decided that they wanted to try to extubate her. However, they wanted to wait a bit until she got less sedated. We did not get to experience the doctors waking her up. Right now we are just waiting for the hopefully good news. Please pray that she will wake up in good condition and with good oxygen levels.”

Please continue to pray for Rahaf and her dear family, including her mother who is patiently waiting for Rahaf to finally return to her arms.