Waking up

Our little Somaia had been on high ventilator support for three days, but just last night they were able to take her off of the extra support. The doctor says that after she was having trouble breathing on Sunday, they had to put her on the stronger ventilator.¬† She had to be sedated while she was on it, but today she is waking up. Now she is back to¬†normal ventilator support. However, she is very tired, and isn’t responding normally. This is very hard for her aunt, who is with her, and also for her mother and the rest of her family who can’t be with her right now. Today her sweet aunt stood by the side of her bed, crying quietly and stroking her head while calling her “Soosu”, baby chick in Arabic. She really does remind me of a baby chick, helpless and adorable. Please pray that God will do a miracle of healing in our sweet little Somaia, and give encouragement to her aunt and the rest of her family.