Waking up to good news

Liya was still sleeping when I visited her this morning at Sheba Hospital, but not a minute afterwards, her mother welcomed me into their room. Liya opened her eyes to see for herself who was in the room to visit her. With her beautiful big brown eyes, she looked around the room and gave me a huge smile when she saw me. This cute moment was followed by some great news from her mother: Liya will have her catheterisation tomorrow, something they were waiting so long for. Liya is still not strong enough for the Glenn surgery but the doctors hope to get her there through the cath.

God bless the cath tomorrow and the doctors treating Liya. We pray not only for Liya’s health, but also for her mom, as she is now the only mother of a Shevet child in the hospital presently and no one really knows how long Liya will have to remain admitted.