Warm and welcoming

I found sweet little baby Loai asleep when I entered his room, and his smiling grandmother and I stood by his bedside for a long time, rejoicing just by looking at him. I reminded her about the shape he was in when he first came to Hadassah Hospital, and we both agreed, to see the difference is stunning. All the glory to God!

I love the precence of this woman, she always fills my heart with joy, and neither of us can stop smiling when we spend time together. I told her how happy I am that she was able to come here with Loai, as the doctors and nurses are very skilled in their profession and have warm and loving hearts, and she agreed. She even added,  “We have seen so many kind and loving people here,” which made me very glad, because that is what I experience visiting the hospital. A warm and welcoming spirit is hovering over the place.

We spoke to a nurse whowas able to tell us that clinically speaking, Loai is doing well, but he needs to be fed oraly every 20 minutes, and what is left of the milk goes through the nose drain. His oxygen is at a good level around 84%.

Please continue to pray for baby Loai. His journey to total healing and restoration is not over yet.