Way to go

We drove Anas, a beautiful baby from Gaza, to Sheba Hospital for a gastro follow-up.  The doctor checked Anas and said he did not see edima any longer, which is good. Ana’s grandma and I weighed and measured him together to find that he was 4,750g and 55 cm. The doctor said Anas is at the bottom 3% on the growth chart but has been growing at his own pace well.  The doctor ordered a blood test to see Anas’ liver enzyme level.  This test was rather comprehensive with lots of tubes to fill.  The nurse had to poke a needle on three different spots on both his arms. He of course cried, but survived well!

After one hour of waiting, the doctor said the blood test result was good. Liver enzyme is within the normal range, which is wonderful news; one less prescription drug for Anas. 

After moving up and down through the hospital floors, we finally sat down to rest, and Anas’ grandma shared a nice sandwich with me that some other Gaza moms brought for her.  I am also so thankful for coworker Moshe who did the translation for us over the phone in the doctor’s office.  Without him, it would have been really chaotic.

Anas is coming back for a dietitian meeting, an ultrasound and another gastro follow-up in the next few months. Way to go, Anas!  God be with you!