We know the drill

For her third echo in four weeks, Eva is ready to go. She recognizes the rooms, the doctors, and every nurse. She is happy and content right up until she is placed on the exam table. As soon as she is on the table and she is prepared for the echo, tears come to her eyes and she begins to scream. The nurse, her mother, and I do everything we can to assuage her tears, making funny faces, playing “Baby Shark”, showing her stickers, but to no avail. Eva knows that it is echo time, and she is not happy. The echo finishes and Eva is back in her mother’s arms, we exit the echo room and Eva is laughing again.

This is the third time I’ve gone with Eva for her follow up echo after her surgery. Each time is the same, she cries only when on the table and then as we exit the room she is happy and content again. However, we praise God for this because it means that Eva is alive! She has energy and stamina and opinions. This is a far cry from when I first met Eva almost two months ago and she was unable to even hold up her head. Now she is sitting up mostly on her own.

The echo and follow up went well today and we are waiting on the doctors to discuss next steps for Eva. They do not want to rush, and while we thank them for their carefulness, Eva’s mother is eager to return home to Kurdistan. So we wait on the Lord for his perfect timing with Eva. They might need to do another catheterization before her next surgery, so in two weeks we will return to the hospital for another echo and follow up, and hopefully at that time we will know more about next steps. For now we will enjoy every moment we have with Eva, both her sad moments and her joyous ones.