Weak heart

Yano had her surgery today at Sheba Medical Center. It was a very complicated one and it took nine hours.

After the nine hours, the surgeon came out and explained that the surgery was successful, but Yano’s heart is very weak. They put her on the ECMO machine and she will be on it for a few days.

After the surgery, doctors took Yano in for a catheterization to see if the coronary arteries were wide enough and they were! That is a good sign. Now we have to wait for a couple of days to see how Yano is progressing. The surgeon said that he has good hope for her.

Yano’s mother started the day okay. But after nine hours, she couldn’t handle things so well anymore. And also because the news was not what she expected, so it hit her hard.

Please pray a good recovery for Yano. Praise God that the surgeons were able to do what they had to do and that there is now hope for her. Also pray for her mother who is having a hard time after this surgery.