Weak heart

Today, coworker Elisabeth and I picked up Fayez and his mother at the Gaza border. We drove together to Sheba Medical Center and waited for a short time until Fayez had his echo,

an ECG,

and had his oxygen levels measured.

The doctor said afterwards, that Fayez’ heart is very weak, that he looks better from the outside than from the inside and that they cannot do catheterizations over and over again. They also want to change his medication, in the hope that this will help him. So he has a blood test scheduled for tomorrow to check on this.

During the waiting time todsay, Fayez loved to play in the playground area and we played hide and seek, which was really funny and he laughed a lot.
After everything was done, I drove with them back to our home in Ashdod, where they are staying with us until tomorrow.

Fayez is very special to me because he was the first child I went with to the hospital during my time here at Shevet. So hope for good test results tomorrow.

This morning we sang during our worship time the song, Give Thanks with these lyrics: “and now let the weak say, I am strong.” God can give Fayez and his heart new strength like nobody else could do! Let’s pray for this little guy, his weak heart and his lovely mother.