Weekend ER trip

This morning Lya’s mother called for us and was worried about Lya as she had a fewer. When we checked her, we saw that she had over 104° F (40.5° C) fever and a very high heart rate. We brought her to the ER at Sheba Hospital to be sure that it’s nothing serious.

There we had to wait a very long time and Lya was sleeping through most of it. She had tooth pain yesterday and again today, so the doctors guessed that this could be the reason for the high fewer.

After eight hours in the ER, Lya was admitted to the pediatric ward to stay there over night. Two more hours passed until the doctors saw her and told us and her mother what the plans are for tomorrow. A dentist will come see Lya and the cardiologist will check her to be sure her heart is ok.

This long day of waiting was very exhausting for the lovely mother and Lya. Let us pray for Lya that she will get better soon and the doctors can find the cause of her pain. Also pray for her mother who was there the whole time rocking Lya to sleep and sitting by her bedside. We pray the Lord will bless both of them in their time in the hospital.