Welcome Ahmed, ablation cath tomorrow

When I was twenty minutes into the hour-long drive to the Gaza border, I realized I didn’t have an infant car-seat. I had assumed it was in the backseat, but for some reason it wasn’t, and I’d have to turn around to get one. I called co-worker Georgia to double-check the age of the child and I ended up very happy that I did because it turned out I didn’t need a car-seat after all since the child I was picking up, Ahmed, is eleven years old!

Ahmed and his mum came out of the border crossing in the early afternoon, and we drove to Sheba hospital. He had an ECG and an echo when we arrived. Ahmed has an electrical problem in his heart which the doctor said was quite obvious from his ECG reading, and that this test would suffice to plan for the catheterization.

Doctors decided Ahmed will go into to an ablation catheterization tomorrow. We waited into the evening today for his room in the ward to be made ready. During the waiting time, we played many rounds of tic-tac-toe. We played perhaps eighteen rounds of this game to which he quickly figured out a winning strategy, and beat me most of the time.

From the hours we spent waiting together, I grew to understand that Ahmed is a precocious, kind, and patient child. It made sense to me that he is the oldest of his siblings. Please pray for this sweet boy as he goes into his cath tomorrow, and also for his mum who has a six month old baby she would like to return to as quickly as possible.