Welcome Baby Abed

Last evening, the two and a half month old Abed and his mother came from Gaza to the Sheba Medical Center in an ambulance. They were admitted into the ICU.

Abed is a cute little baby boy and very small. His heart surgery is already scheduled for tomorrow. I went to the ICU today to visit his lovely mother and little Abed. I introduced myself as well as I could in Arabic. She told me she could speak in English so I was very happy to do so. She told me that she has two other sons and one daughter back in her home in Gaza and that she already misses them. We had a nice chat with each other and she is a lovely mother.

She told me that the heart problem of Abed causes him bad breathing and low blood pressure almost all of the time. So thank God that he can have his surgery already tomorrow and your prayers for this are much appreciated.