Welcome back Papa Mohammed

A week ago I had the privilege to collect the father of Mohammed from Erez, to bring him back to his lovely son. The father took some rest for himself back in Gaza with his family for a few weeks. When I brought him to Mohammed’s room at Sheba hospital,  he was very happy to see his little boy again. During Mohammed’s father’s absense, an anut took loving care of tiny little Mohammed.   She said she loves him like her own son. I think we all are witnesses of her loving regard for Mohammed. We witnessed it many times while visiting her. We all enjoyed visiting her and tiny Mohammed in the hospital. Co-worker Georgia described this aunt once as “the queen of calm” and I think  that description is exactly right for her. Each time we were a bit stressed in the hospital, we knew we would be calmed if we went to visit her. But even if she loves Mohammed with her whole beautiful heart, she is tired as well after her two months with him and is leaving him with one sad and with one happy eye. Mohammed is still in the process of growing and it takes time. So it is good that his father is back now with new strength and patience for his cute son. Mohammed’s father and the aunty were happy as well when they saw each other and they were laughing and talking a lot together.