Welcome back to Jaffa, cheeky monkey

Since Mohaned’s last blog, you learned the German word for rascal or cheeky monkey, that is, the word ‘Schlingel.’ Ever since our newest volunteer Carina joined our community and met Mohaned, this word has been lovingly assigned to Mohaned at every opportunity due to his cheeky smile and happy personality and rascally habits. Of course with great joy, we received the news that Mohaned and his mum would be returning to our home in Jaffa.

I’m happy to report that the hospital staff found his symptoms have improved, but there was no clear explanation as to why he had experienced a fever.

We will check with the doctors tomorrow about what the next steps for Mohaned will be, but for now our “Schlingel” is happily back with us, and feeling better again. Thank you for praying for Mohaned’s health.