Welcome back to Jaffa Salwa

Salwa has been assigned to a very thorough and efficient doctor in her ward at Sheba hospital. The doctor has taken great care to ensure that we have been informed and prepared for Salwa’s discharge home, which happened today! The staff in the ward have been a little sad that they have experienced the language barrier with Salwa’s mother. Salwa’s mother herself has often been worried and the staff have expressed how they wish they could comfort her more. I think this in itself is a comfort, as the kindness doesn’t require words to be expressed.

We collected Salwa along with another Kurdish child this afternoon. This is the first time outside of the hospital for Salwa in over a month. What a month it has been for Salwa’s mother. She has come through all her fears for Salwa including Salwa’s surgeries, her being put on ECMO, her sleeping alone, not speaking Arabic, her friends being discharged, and rushing to the shelters when the bomb alarm sirens sounded….

Of course stepping outside with her precious baby girl was a moment to photograph, as she wants to send the photos to Salwa’s father in celebration!

Happily, Salwa and her mother arrived home, to our home in Jaffa, and were greeted by her best friends: the mothers of Khanda and Maili. They are a very close group of friends, who traveled here together, and have been through a lot together. The trio are unable to bear being separated from each other any longer at our community house, and therefore have decided to squeeze another bed into the room of Khanda and Maili so they can all share the same room. The room is like having a sleepover!

Thank God for healing Salwa, and for this happy day for her family.