Welcome back to our guesthouse

When I wanted to visit Azhan today in Hadassah Hospital, I didn’t find him in his room but in front of the X-ray and Echo rooms. He got his last check-up before leaving the hospital.

During the waiting time, I got Azhan a burger and he spent some time with his uncle who to Israel just to see him and to help with translating in the hospital.

When Azhan could finally have his Echo, the doctor confirmed that our little boy is getting discharged only half a week after his surgery. He is recovering very fast and although he still has some chest pain sometimes, he is getting better and better. So after packing everything together, having one last meal in the hospital and talking to Azhan’s doctor for one last time, we were ready to go.

Although the bus ride was long and exhausting, Azhan followed his mother everywhere in the guesthouse and didn’t want to sit still at all. The two of them sure have a strong bond! She is trying her best to make him take it slow so nothing goes wrong within the next two weeks before his next follow-up Echo.

Please pray for a peaceful recovery for Azhan and that he continues to gain his strength back day by day. And let us gather in thanksgiving for the successful surgery he went through and this fast recovery that will make him the little boy, full of energy, we came to know before!