Welcome back to sheba

Darbaz is teenager from Kurdistan. Today he had his first assessment after 6 years since he was first operated here in Israel (at Sheba hospital). The cardiologist explained everything to his dad and Darbaz, even making a drawing on paper, showing the difference between a healthy heart and Darbaz’s.

She said that they need to close the fenestration through a cath that is going to be both diagnostic and therapeutic. First they will explore his heart and after they will be able to close the hole with a little balloon or a device. Hopefully it is the only procedure Darbaz is going to need. If this is approved and everything else is fine, then the cath will happen next Thursday. So we need to bring him at 11 o’clock this Wednesday.

 For the arrhythmia episode he is presenting, he needs a Holter test so we need to bring him tomorrow morning.

Darbaz is a very calm and relaxed young boy, please remember him and his father in your prayers. He is not eating properly and has a little flu, so he needs to rest and be well before next Thursday for the cath.