Welcome Balsam!

Co-worker Rachel and I went to the Erez Border Crossing yesterday to collect this cute little baby girl Balsam, together with her grandmother.

Balsam is two and a half months old and diagnosed with TGA and other severe heart problems. Today she was brought to Sheba Medical Center for an echo and other tests.

During the echo, she was very calm and cried just a bit, but her grandmother was sitting next to her and gave her a bottle of milk, which calmed her down really quickly.

Balsam was admitted to the hospital and needs to have a CT scan in the next days and other tests in order to help her with her treatment.

During the admission process, her oxygen dropped very low at some point, so thank God she was in the hospital and they took care of her in the best way they could, and now she is doing better.

Your prayers for this little girl and her grandmother are much appreciated. Balsam’s grandmother herself is having some issues with her health and it is difficult for her to take care of Balsam but she is doing a very good job with it.

Please pray for the doctors’ plan of treatment for this baby girl and for her grandmother too.