Welcome Hadeel to Israel

Hadeel and her father traveled from Kurdistan to Israel, arriving this afternoon through the Jordanian border. Little Hadeel was looking very blue when we met her in the home of one of Jonathan’s friends. His friend is a man with a Kurdish family history, and was generously available to collect the families to his home whilst they waited for Sabrina and I to pick them up. He told me that there are quite a few Kurdish families who live in the area.

Hadeel’s father said that this is how the baby looks generally all the time. She is strikingly blue especially when she is crying. Her oxygen saturation measured at around 75%. She has a diagnosis of d-TGA, and her family hopes it is not too late for Hadeel to safely have the big life-saving surgery to switch her great arteries.

Please pray for Hadeel and her father and their time here, and for their family back in Kurdistan, especially for Hadeel’s mother who is surely missing her.