Welcome Haveen, to Israel

The lovely Haveen and her mum arrived in Jordan with five other Kurdish families today. Co-worker Georgia, Sebastian and I were very glad to collect them and bring them to our Shevet home in Jaffa.

They had a long journey today as they shared with us, having to be up by 6:30 in the morning, and arriving to Jaffa at 6 pm. Because of this, they were very tired when they arrived.

Haveen’s mother is a kind and beautiful woman,┬átaking care of her little daughter in a great way. Haveen’s diagnosis is complex congenital heart disease. She will see the doctor in the next week to make a full assessment. Meanwhile, Haveen and her lovely mother will have to quarantine with the other five families for the next two weeks at our community home in Jaffa.

Please pray for a blessed time during that two weeks and for a good settle-in experience for them.