Welcome Home!

Dleza and her brother care for the children of Shevet Achim as their little siblings. Her brother always warmly greets the new families upon their arrival to the hospital and cares for his own sister, Dleza, with kind compassion. Dleza delights in caring for the other children, despite her own battles in the hospital.

They greeted us upon our arrival to the hospital, as they often do. Dleza stated that she was not feeling well, but was reluctant to explain why. It was difficult to hear that, as some days she would be cheerful and other days rather saddened.

Today the brother excitedly told us that the doctor had said Dleza could return to Shevet Achim for a few days. This was a surprise, as we had been previously told that she needed to remain in the hospital to continue her antibiotic treatment and for her routine blood tests. The doctor confirmed this news, and told us how he advocated for Dleza to return to Shevet Achim–for her own psychological care. Though she has to return to the hospital in a few days to get a blood test and an exam, she will be able to obtain some rest at the base.

Hospitalization can be distressing, especially with the constant alarms and invasive tests. Though Shevet Achim may not be equivalent to her home in Kurdistan, at the Shevet Achim base there are people that truly love her. Though she needs to continue her medications, she is not restrained to an intravenous medication pole…or a yellow wrist band identifying her. She is free to enjoy the company of the other children here and the seasoned food the mothers cook daily. She is free to roam the streets and the colorful bazaar.

After a few hours of waiting for her medications and discharge letter, we finally were free to return to the Shevet Achim base. The brother excitedly packed their belongings, and Dleza was so full of joy. At last we removed her intravenous cannula and we were at liberty to officially leave the hospital. Dleza could not wait to remove the yellow hospital identification wrist band, and she even used her teeth to hastily remove it. We embraced in joy and excitedly headed out the hospital doors.

Please pray for her perseverance and strength with her medical care. Please pray for her to have a restful time with the families here at the Shevet Achim base. And please continue to pray for doctors to continue to offer holistic–physical, psychosocial, and spiritual–care.